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Cypriot Foreign Ministers Remark on EU Accession

Cypriot Foreign Ministers analyzed the island's EU role to Cyprus News Agency, marking its ten year accession anniversary. The premiers collectively recognized the positive advancements their nation has made due to EU membership, noting the first EU President held by Cyprus in 2012.

The Ministers discussed their country's position in European policy formation and the solidified territorial and international identity bestowed upon them. They explained how the EU organization has guarded their small state against international dangers. Also, free EU movement and student benefits within member nations was praised.

Regarding economics, the governmental heads reported that Eurozone activities have assisted their economy and EU revenues have positively aided the island. Yet, they believe Cyprus was not treated fairly regarding its recent economic turmoil, and more attention should have been given to the Cyprus issue.

Former Foreign Minister and Cypriot first EU Commissioner Markos Kyprianou commented, "We can achieve and gain much more...The reality is that each EU member state, and especially bigger states, maintain and promote their own interests. They certainly do not always act as we would have expected but this does not apply only to Cyprus. The challenge is to form alliances of interests with other EU members".

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Anonymous Hacks Greek Foreign Ministry

Anti-systemic electronic terrorist group Anonymous claim they "struck at the Greek government," after a leak of 3,700 documents from the country's foreign ministry and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

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