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Inflation in Greece: Rising prices and consequences

The looming - according to some analysts - and even artificial - according to Stournaras - impending rise in inflation in Greece brings anxiety but also collateral... benefits. On Friday, Hellenic Statistical Authority-ELSTAT is expected to announce the detailed inflation data for the month of October 2023, where the contribution of food, which is the biggest "thorn" of the last several months, will be reflected

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BoG Gov: Safety cushions are needed – When will interest rates be reduced

The governor of the Bank of Greece, Yannis Stournaras, tried to put a "brake" on the scenarios for benefits, during an interview he gave at the conference "GREECE AFTER VII: Asymmetries and national agenda", organized by the Circle of Ideas, raising the issue of review and essentially of tax exemptions. At the same time, he expressed his personal opinion, without having been discussed - as he pointed out - within the ECB, about the need to reduce interest rates from the middle of 2024, if certain conditions are met.

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Olive oil: How long will the "green gold" rally continue

Olive oil will remain expensive, at least for the next six months. And this is the optimistic prediction. Whether the "rally" will continue will become clear in the first months of 2024, when the new harvest olive oil enters the market, even if, according to all indications, production will be reduced, or next spring, when there will be the first indications of the production of the new growing season, especially in Spain.

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