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Increase in covid cases spurs new measures

The new increase in the number of coronavirus cases, which reached record levels yesterday, has caused intense concern and apprehension in view of August 15th.

Mass gatherings at bars, weddings, and outbreaks in hospitals and camps, along with the relaxation shown by young people, have been an "explosive cocktail" in recent weeks that has alerted the government and epidemiologists.

Concern about cases in young people

What scientists are focusing on is the significant reduction in the average age of patients. In recent weeks, according to EODY, more and more cases are appearing in people under 40, something that the professor of Infectious Diseases and Pathology of the University of Patras, Charalambos Gogos, also stood by. Mr. Gogos, after emphasizing duringthe Mega news bulletin that the country "is in a strong outbreak of the pandemic", called on young people to "protect themselves and those around them, as they are not invulnerable to the virus", while described as "funny things" what is said about scenarios and conspiracies concerning the coronavirus.

"We do not yet know what this disease is like. "It needs a lot of attention by young people, it is the spearhead for the future of the epidemic," he added.

The outbreaks that concern the government

In view of the big exit on August 15, the government is very worried and yesterday, the government spokesman did not rule out new measures. It has been said in every tone that in view of the 15th of August, the controls will increase, as there are specific outbreaks that show that they are responsible for the increase of the cases. The areas of concern, as Mr. Petsas listed them, are the following:

  • The frequent crossings of Greeks, expatriates and those who have a residence permit in Greece from the Balkan countries. Some people still come and go as if nothing is happening. And they ignore the outbreak of the pandemic in these countries, as evidenced by daily epidemiological data.
  • The gatherings of standing people, mainly in bars, but also at weddings, baptisms and other social events. Some citizens ignore the recommendations of experts and the warnings of the government, endangering themselves and their loved ones
  • Public transport

What measures is the government considering?

On Monday, a new extraordinary meeting will be held at the PM's office under the infectious disease specialists, where the new measures will be decided in view of the 15th of August. Where the government focuses, are the measures in churches, as due to the religious holiday it is expected that there will be a large crowd in the churches, while there are thoughts for additional measures in events, such as weddings, baptisms, etc.

Record cases, local lockdown in Poros

The 153 cases announced yesterday, are the second largest number of cases recorded in one day by the country. The 156 cases which constitute a record, were recorded due to an outbreak of infection in a refugee structure, so yesterday's number is the largest recorded in the community.

And what is troubling is that the outbreaks of infection are increasing. After the weddings and the hospitals, new outbreaks were identified, such as the beach bar in Mykonos where a total of seven cases have been identified.

A typical example is Poros, where the Civil Protection announced that a local lockdown is in force, which will last for ten days (until August 17 at 6 in the morning). The measures decided for the island, where 13 cases of coronavirus were found, are the following:

  • Prohibition of operation of all health stores from 23:00 to 07:00 the next day.
  • Suspension of any kind of event such as live parties, trade fairs, processions, public markets, etc.
  • Prohibition of any kind of gathering of citizens over 9 people for any reason, both in public and in private.
  • Up to 4 people are allowed in the dining areas, up to 4 people, unless they are first-degree relatives, where up to 6 people are allowed.
  • It is mandatory to use a mask throughout the island both outdoors and indoors.

Also, in the Public Revenue Service in Larissa, one employee fell ill, as well as another in the tax office, with the result that the service was closed to the public. The same happened in the Vascular Surgery Clinic of the General Hospital of Larissa, after the 12 cases that were identified.

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Thirty-five coronavirus cases tracked down in Larissa

Thirty-five cases of infection with the Covid-19 virus were found after tests on 637 samples in the Roma district of Nea Smyrni, Larissa, authorities announced on Friday. Following the results of the tests, carried out on Thursday, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection has ordered the implementation of the 'Day 0-Day 7-Day 14' Plan.

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Giant Covid-19 tracking operation underway in Roma settlement, Larissa

A giant operation has been underway starting early on Wednesday, by order of Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias and in cooperation with Thessaly regional authorities, after several Covid-19 cases were detected in a Roma settlement at Nea Smyrni, Larissa.

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