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Shocks in New Democracy over the party's support for Attica local gvt. elections

Dancing a zeibekiko dance at the wrong time, an admission of the mistake with a public "apology", which did not seem to be enough to avoid the rupture, and express-soundings for... a change in who the party will back, which yesterday finalized the new "chosen" of New Democracy is a brief round-up the developments of the last three days surrounding the crisis managed by the government for the region of Attica. The party's support for Giorgos Patoulis has been lifted just two weeks after its announcement, as expected to be called today and sealed tomorrow in a personal meeting between Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Nikos Hardalias, who will finally run under the "blue" banner in the electoral battle of the largest region .

  • Published in Greece
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