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Illegal immigration: Moria closes down – This is what the Greek government announced (pics)

The government’s 5+1 actions, including the closing down of hotspots in Mytilene, Chios and Samos (Moria, Vial and Vathi respectively), the conversion to closed centers of existing structures in Leros and Kos as well as measures to support local communities in order to tackle the illegal immigration problem were announced by State Minister Stelios Petsas and Deputy Minister of National Defence Alkibiades Stephanis.

  • Published in Greece

Guardian on refugee issue: NGOs warn of hotspot disaster on islands

Members of humanitarian organizations warn of catastrophe in Greek refugee camps, speaking of "children who have been bitten by scorpions, rats and snakes", "hundreds of people forced to use a single shower", "food shortages that tend to become regular" in the hotspots of the eastern Aegean islands, as reported by the Guardian.

  • Published in Greece
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