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Real estate: Which foreigners are buying in Greece

One in two foreign real estate buyers prefer Greece for the purpose of investment, while one in five proceeds to purchase for owner-occupied housing. These findings result from research by RE/MAX Greece based on completed sales and confirm that foreign investors choose the Greek real estate market consistently and over time, while many come to Greece permanently after their retirement.

  • Published in Greece

High demand for real estate in Greece

Despite the real estate crisis, the demand for holiday homes in Greece is increasing, especially for luxury ones.

German Welt reports that "Engel & Völkers sees increased demand for holiday properties".

"In Europe, coastal areas in countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece are among the most popular areas for buying holiday homes," says Sven Odia, Global CEO of Engel & Völkers.

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Large Turkish investments in the Aegean islands

From Rhodes to Santorini, from Mykonos to Corfu and from Crete to Lesvos, Chios and Samos we find Turkish investments or the activity of small and large Turkish businesses. Even Turkish individuals are increasing their presence, showing greater interest in the real estate market, in tourism (accommodations and catering). Their total presence in recent years may exceed 1 billion euros, with 350-500 million euros concentrated in the Greek islands.

  • Published in Greece
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