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Home Remedies to Strengthen your Immune System During COVID19

By: Yanna Darilis

During this unprecedented pandemic, it is imperative to try and remain as calm and informed as possible, mind yourself and others, by following instructions by the Health Authorities and your local Government, and above all protect yourself by staying healthy. Mitigation is a community effort, and by being mindful, and not fearful, we can get over this health crisis together, as collective conscious beings. Self care is important during a health crisis, and the best natural defense for fighting any virus is strengthening our very own immune system. The most efficient way to support our immune system is to eat nutrient dense food, full of fresh fruits and vegetables, to exclude high fat, processed, foods, as well as avoiding processed sugar the best we can. Two other important components of being healthy and boosting your immune system is to stay active and fit, and learning to manage our stress levels.

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