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Greek-Australian Leaders Offer Opinions On Greece

Greek-Australians offered their opinions on Greece, regarding its referendum vote and current political and economic climate.

Speaking to Greek-Australian news portal Neos Kosmos, former Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos stated that the support of Tsipras and his administration requires that the ECB, IMF and EU, "must sit down and start treating more seriously potential debt relief in return for ongoing reforms."

Sinodinos added, "We don't want backtracking on previous commitments but we do need to recognise that the Greek people need to see some results from the years of austerity and depression."

Barton Liberal Member Nickolas Varvaris offered his stance, "The purpose of this unexpectedly strong result is not to get out of the European alliance, but to achieve a better deal within the eurozone, a deal that will enable Greece to have a better chance of coping with the staggering debt whilst inflicting minimal damage to the Greek social structure".

Melbourne's Greek Community President Bill Papastergiadis revealed his thoughts, "Now is the time for solidarity, to achieve the best possible out come for Greece in the negotiations."

Papastergiadis further commented, "We're hopeful this result will both energise the Greek government to get a fairer outcome for the Greek people, and ensure the creditors now come to the party to seek a just and sustainable solution - and help Greece stay in the eurozone and the EU."

(Source: Neos Kosmos)

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