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New York-based Entrepreneur Sam Stathis Leads Investment in Technology and Human Capital to Rebuild Countries suffering from Economic Crisis and War.

Featured New York-based Entrepreneur Sam Stathis Leads Investment in Technology and Human Capital to Rebuild Countries suffering from Economic Crisis and War.

Entrepreneur Sam Stathis is leading the way in developing investment opportunities for people and technology, which could serve as a catalyst for rebuilding countries that once flourished. Stathis is a firm believer in the untapped potential and valuable human resources of these countries and aims to showcase their strengths and stimulate economic growth.

His philosophy is rooted in the ancient Greek ideals and the book of Genesis, with a focus on helping people figure out their place in the universe through Theometrics Global. Stathis draws inspiration from the English translation of "Let there be light", in Genesis 1:3 of the Torah, using it as a metaphor for wisdom, enlightenment, and the right to free will, that can awaken individuals from a deep hibernation or those who may have lost hope.

According to Stathis, he has gained a great deal of knowledge from his contemplation of the historical significance of ancient times to the present. He has specifically studied the ancient Greek principles that contributed to the development of city-states, such as the concept of Democracy that was adopted in Athens in 580 BC. Additionally, he highlights the Olympic Games and Panhellenic Festival that honored the Greek God Zeus, and exemplified sports competition, which created a period of truce known as "ekecheiria" or "holding hands." This ideal was reinstated in the modern Olympics in 1896 in Athens and was later adopted as a resolution by the United Nations entitled "Building Peace and Better World through Sports and the Olympic Ideals."

Stathis also points out several significant historical wars that have left a mark on the world. For instance, he mentions the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC, where 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians fought to the death against the Persians, delaying them until more Greek forces arrived. The Greek spirit and the defense of their land also extended to the German invasion of Greece in WWII in 1941, where the Greeks, once again, held off the Italian forces, outnumbered but determined to resist. This contributed to the eventual outcome of the resistance and coined Winston Churchill's famous quote, "Heroes fight like Greeks."

Stathis emphasizes the significance of the Hellenistic framework of ideals, which laid the foundation for schools of philosophical thought, medicine, science, mathematics, and military tactics and training. These ideals played an indispensable role in spreading enlightenment and laying the groundwork for the modern world, including the United States of America, which serves as a model for democracy today.

He highlights the importance of these principles as the driving force behind several programs he has established during his career. These initiatives include conferences that concentrate on construction and technical innovation, entrepreneurial ventures, and contributions to Startup New York.

Stathis states, “Technology underpins all my beliefs and is the fuel enabling me to travel faster and further. We can say God or spirituality are the vehicle, and technology is the fuel. God / Spirituality is faith & belief that everything is possible, technology gets us there, milestone by milestone, like a one-legged journey. When we reach there it's nice, but real climbers and innovators are quickly ready to climb the next mountain or discover the next planet and see what other beautiful things are out there.”

Theometrics, founded by Stathis, which he describes as "God's measure", includes Bevis, a gateway to Blockchain technology and has a broader mission of promoting global peace and prosperity by training and preparing the new generation for the modern economy, technology, arts, and sciences. Stathis believes that a hybrid model of green-collar workers can provide a solution to demographic challenges faced by the world. He employs a co-mentorship approach to foster a symbiotic relationship that facilitates the transfer of knowledge and creates a new generation of skilled workers.

The goal of these initiatives was originally to help Greece, his homeland, recover from the Greek economic crisis of 2007, which has plagued the country for decades. Stathis had issued a call to action to the Greek diaspora to invest back in their homeland, focusing on technology, education, and workforce development, to help bring Greece up to modern standards and create new job opportunities. To this end, he launched Theometrics in Greece, in the summer of 2021.

Stathis is no stranger to building with very few resources, hailing from humble beginnings, he is dedicated to helping people, and states, “It is called paying it forward. On the way up the ladder of success there were many people who inspired me and gave me hope and guidance, especially during times of need. Sometimes it was nothing, more than kind words of encouragement & love, saying “things will be ok.” So, overtime you become conditioned to know and believe things will be ok. It’s a great feeling to always know and believe, this too shall pass, and things will be ok, more so that every struggle is a lesson that cannot be learned from a textbook. There is great reward in knowing the power of manifestation and even more powerful knowing how to pass on hope and encouragement to others during uncertainty and trying times. letting others know not only will things be ok, but life will be as great as we imagine it. If we believe, I mean truly believe that everything is possible and anything we can see in our mind we can hold in our hands.  We manifest everything we want and focus on what is true for good and bad. It’s why we should never focus on bad or evil because- that is the energy we will manifest. All leaders including spiritual leaders are not great leaders until they create other leaders, this is the key to the future and to the sustainability of mankind. Good will always out due evil but not without a price to pay. Sometimes terrible lessons are best remembered and unfortunately sometimes it takes a catastrophe to remind us to pull together, pray and help each other. We have seen this to be true after 911, during covid and now during this terrible war in Ukraine, where many great people unite and will defeat evil. It did not have to come to this, but it’s yet another reminder that if we do not learn from history, we are bound to repeat it. “

Sam Stathis also has a passion for professional chariot racing and has been involved in various competitions and tournaments for years. Stathis’ Celebrity Farms Horses have won some of the biggest races in the sport. Champions like “Celebrity Secret” and “Celebrity Maserati” were amongst the best in the world, and Stathis’ holds a world record with a horse he owned, trained and drove to victory, “Celebrity Eventsy.” His ambitions did not end there, Stathis has invented a new exotic chariot that creates electricity while training.

As part of his initiative to promote ancient Greek ideals, he also aims to revive chariot racing as a modern-day Olympic sport, reinstating it as it was in the ancient Greek Olympic Games along with the other ancient sports such as foot racing, javelin, discus throwing, and wrestling.

Stathis states, “We have recently been approved to bring modern day chariot racing back to the future -where chariot racing helped create the ancient Olympics, where it all began in BC, back in Olympia, Greece.”

In February 2022, in addition to reinstating Greece back to her glory, Stathis focused on the War in Ukraine. Working with world leaders on Theometrics worldwide peace and prosperity campaign, the efforts multiplied, and Team Stathis and Theometrics sprang into action. Stathis stated, “This unprovoked war hit home for me, not only because of our Theometrics campaign, but because several of my technology developers were in Ukraine. I personally had first -hand knowledge of the events with domestic news updates prior to and during the invasion, calling them my “Eagles of Kiev,” as my eyes on the ground. True heroes, in every sense of the word, that have helped me to save as many lives as possible, by providing drones, trucks and financial aid to where it is needed most, directly to the front lines.

He was greatly inspired in seeing President Zelenskyy’s historical speech in Congress, where the President stated, “Your money is not charity, it is an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way” and the President’s second speech during his surprise visit to the United Kingdom for a  plea to push the case for fighter jets, President Zelenskyy stated, “We have our freedom, give us wings to defend it.”

Stathis states, “I immediately began efforts to support Ukraine by donating drones to the front lines, and the military sent me videos of the Drones in use with their gratitude for this support. I accomplished this with a partnership with a Ukrainian news agency, a young group of volunteers at Sky Over Ukraine. In addition to publicizing and raising awareness, Sky Ukraine uploads footage and videos daily of what was happening at the front lines- including footage from the drones I donated that are used for reconnaissance missions.”

Stathis went on to say, “Upon seeing the impact, donated more funds and sent more drones. A revolutionary new fundraising initiative was created and dispatched to raise millions of dollars in tranches. Theometrics Global & Sky Over Ukraine team jumped into action, and together we created Theometrics Ukraine. We responded by sending all sorts of wings as 1, 2, 3, and 4. With this love, we wish to answer the calls of President Zelensky and the cries of every Ukrainian mother to ‘send us wings to defend us’, and the most efficient & affordable ‘wings’ we can provide are drones & planes. But Theometrics Ukraine & Sky Over Ukraine are not only ‘sending you military wings’ to the front lines we are sending ‘wings from heaven.’”

Theometrics Global has already donated NFT's that are limited edition, solely for the purpose of raising money for humanitarian and military aid for Ukraine. Stathis stresses, “Neither Theometrics Ukraine, nor Sky Over Ukraine have received or will receive any administrative fees or any fees of any kind thus all proceeds go directly to Ukrainian aid.”

Stathis is traveling to Ukraine to witness the atrocities of war first-hand, and to initiate the next phase of support offering his technologies and new set of NFT’s, to help rebuild and resurrect Ukraine. With his new set of NFT’s and real coins minted in copper, silver & gold, he states, “I hope to have the opportunity to give them directly to President Zelensky and to shake his hand and thank him for his courage and his leadership, or to one of the high ranking military representative that have been directly collaborating virtually for many months with Theometrics Ukraine and Sky Over Ukraine. I also hope to hug my eagles of Ukraine, who have helped save thousands of lives. “

Stathis goes on to say that throughout his life he recognized that he has a gift, the gift of getting whatever he asks from God, and said, “God also sends me angels of all shapes and forms – to do his work. On this matter, I wanted angels to send love and support to the frontlines of Ukraine, to reinvigorate the 18 and 21 year old’s that have been fighting for well over a year now, knowing their parents and grandparents where being killed, sisters being raped and babies and siblings kidnapped, despite all of that they are not only holding the front line, but against great odds they are making significant advances against Russia, the self-proclaimed ‘greatest military in the world. Theometrics ‘Angels’ are individuals who have respect for their bodies and mind, they are spiritual, courageous, and they have purpose in life greater than themselves, or are at least open to helping discover their greater purpose and to help us do God’s work. The 5 attributes of Theometrics Angels are, 1. Respect of Body & Mind, 2. Expansion of enlightenment or wisdom, 3. Courage, 4. Spirituality 5. Purpose. The Angels are competing for demonstration of these 5 attributes, in order to advance in the local regional national competitions. The finals are to be held in Greece each year starting in 2023 with Theometrics Olympic Metals of Copper, Silver and Gold, issued to the winners. Two such angels leading this initiative are Anastasia Panova Miss Ukraine, and Jessy Peralta, Miss Ecco USA and Runner up to Miss Ecco International.”

Throughout this effort, Sam Stathis and Theometrics Ukraine state that they have created an innovative and revolutionary way for people to invest money instead of donating, so they are getting a return on their investment. Theometrics Global has already donated a high valued limited edition of NFT’s solely for the purpose of raising money for humanitarian and military aid for Ukraine. Stathis stresses: “Neither Theometrics Ukraine, nor Sky Over Ukraine have received or will receive any administrative fees or any fees of any kind thus all proceeds go directly to Ukraining aid.”

Stathis states: “The acknowledgement and gratitude from the front lines, and additional requests of the need to send vehicles for transporting military equipment and casualties of war has prompted Theometrics Global to further donate two vehicles for this request.”

Stathis’s dedication to rebuilding countries extends beyond Greece and Ukraine and now includes investing in technology and innovation in Magna Graecia, the coastal areas of Southern Italy.

While traveling for a Chariot Racing tournament in Palermo, Sicily, and Syracuse, Stathis was struck by the ancient Greek temples in Agrigento Sicily. He stayed overnight in Villa Athena in the Valley of the temple and was inspired by the positive energy, the breathtaking beauty of the temple and its surroundings, fueling his desire to rediscover the ancient Greek history of the area and realizing his true purpose why God brought him to this destination. He symbolically launched the resurrection of Magna Graecia during Greek Orthodox Easter on April 16th, 2023.

Stathis is particularly interested in Sicily and the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, an area named Magna Graecia by the Roman Empire after their conquest. Re-known throughout the ancient world as a significant place and home of the famed Greek philosopher Pythagoras, and his school of philosophy and science, the ancient Greek colonies were established in the peninsula during the eighth and seventh centuries BC. The name translates to “Great Greece” and refers to the extension of Greek culture and influence beyond the Greek mainland. After Stathis’ visit, he immediately recognized the value of the region as having immense potential and intends to involve the new generation in profit management and growth, guiding them in their entrepreneurial journey.

Stathis envisions targeted projects that enhance the existing beauty and knowledge left behind by the Greeks, making it known to the widest possible public. He believes that the Agrigento archaeological park has the ability to become a new renaissance for the region. With Stathis' expertise and commitment, a new era of growth and development may be on the horizon for both Greece and Magna Graecia.

“Pioneering spirit, ideas, and success demonstrate how Diaspora Greeks can jumpstart a ‘New Greece’,” said Stathis, a vision that has now extended to Southern Italy’s Agrigento and includes his new efforts of support to Ukraine. Tying it all in, he envisions building on the foundation of Theometrics mission of world-wide peace and prosperity, and due to the urgency of the Russian Invasion, Stathis has re-prioritized and focused all his efforts and resources to the most pressing issue of the Ukrainian war.

Sam states, “We were in Agrigento to raise awareness to the fact that Magna Grecia was ancient Greece and ancient Italians and other civilizations, living together as “one.” Agrigento was called Akragas — and was not only in Greece and Sicily, but the ancient Hellenic world also extended far into Africa, Middle East, Israel, Asia Minor — living harmoniously as one society, and had evolved.  We resurrect back to the future of Magna Grecia- taking the greatest ideals of democracy and freedom and extend this into Ukraine- a country that has thus far been isolated and independent of the European Union and NATO and would love a big brother like us. People can offer donations, to theoukr.io, all proceeds go directly to Ukraine to benefit the Ukrainian war or humanitarian efforts.”

On March 31, 2023, Sam Stathis launched the first decentralized server network which he calls Web.3.3. Stathis states, “I believe this is the most revolutionary way created to raise funds for a social cause.” Stathis goes on to say, “Theometrics Global does not stop here, they are already working on rebuilding Ukraine, donating state of the art technologies, critical infrastructure and schools, by providing expertise for adult continuing education programs in the state-of-the-art technologies in blockchain and Web3.”

In closing Sam Stathis message to the readers is, “My wish is for the world to come together and join hands using the ancient Greek Spartan military key of life-lock, to squeeze out all the evil people in Ukraine, and for the War to end and Putin to be dead, in order to have a huge party in Crimea between Dec 25, 2023 - December 31, 2023.”

Moreover, Stathis states, “SAVE THE DATE: December 25th through December 31, 2023 – Where: Crimea ‘If you can dream it, we can do it!’ Flutter your wings and send love, open your hearts and invest in freedom and Democracy, if Putin is not stopped in Ukraine, he will be coming for your children next.”

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