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Sam Stathis: A visionary Greek of the diaspora

Featured Sam Stathis: A visionary Greek of the diaspora

It is well known that the Greeks of the diaspora always succeed, they become examples and successful businessmen, but above all PEOPLE who care for their fellow man. One such case is Sam Stathis who, after succeeding as a businessman, has dedicated his life to highlighting historical elements of Greece and Hellenism.

Recently, shocked by the drama that Ukrainians are living through after the violent Russian invasion, he turned his interest to how you could help them. As a charismatic technological inventor and entrepreneur he created a special technology to help them rebuild and regenerate the country, which has been destroyed by war and financial crisis.

It's about Theometrics Global and Bevis by Theo's innovative solutions to help rebuild efforts. Theometrics has even already donated limited edition NFTs, solely for the purpose of raising money for humanitarian and military aid in Ukraine.

“I immediately began efforts to support Ukraine by donating drones to the front lines and the military sent me videos of the drones in use in gratitude for this support. I achieved this through a partnership with a Ukrainian news agency, a young team of volunteers at Sky Over Ukraine. In addition to publicizing and raising public awareness, Sky Over Ukraine uploads daily footage and videos of what was happening on the front – including footage from the drones I donated that are used for reconnaissance missions,” he told the National Herald.

A Brilliant Greek

Technology is one of his passions. As the expatriate press reports, the Greek-American businessman has established various programs, such as conferences on construction and technical innovation, contributing to Start up New York and founding Theometrics University to train young people in matters of precision measurement and navigation in the field of real estate and of the constructions.

With an emphasis on ancient Greek ideals

His philosophy is rooted in ancient Greek ideals, with an emphasis on helping people discover their place in the universe through Theometrics Global. Theometrics has a broader mission to promote global peace and prosperity by educating and preparing the next generation for the modern economy, technology, arts and sciences.

Mr. Stathis started Theometrics in Greece. He had appealed to the Greek diaspora to invest again in their homeland, to help bring Greece up to modern standards and create new employment opportunities. Speaking in 2015 to the "National Herald", referring to the then perspective of the new generation of Greeks, he pointed out: "The Greeks have a great heritage and well-educated young people in mathematics and technology. We need to raise the heads of young Greeks...show them examples of Greek success around the world...I would like them to tell young Greeks their success stories and the challenges that Greeks abroad have overcome."

Lover of chariot racing and Horse riding

Sam Stathis has also been involved in professional chariot races and tournaments for years and as part of his initiative, he also aims to revive chariot racing as a modern Olympic sport, reinstating it as one of the five events that founded the ancient Greek Olympic Games.
For his love and multifaceted support for the Hellenic Equestrian Federation, he was a personal guest of the President Mr. Isidoros Kouvelos at the opening of the new Olympic Academy Cycle held in Athens and Olympia on June 12 and 13.