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Funny "Grenglish" Athens Metro Map

Enet recently published an article discussing the "Grenglish" meanings behind the Athens metro stations, such as Evangelismos, Metaxourghio and Doukissis Plakentias.

Last week, an unofficial map was generated and posted on the internet.  The image offers the many funny literal translations of the Athenian stops.  It was developed by an anonymous designer.

The graphics display the station of Petralona as translated to "Stone Threshing Floor", while Halandri's literal translation is "Uncle's Ravine". The Holargos station's English meaning is "Slow Bile", with "Nerantziotissa" interpreted as "Bitter Orange Lady". The full map and its comical meanings can be viewed at: http://imgur.com/r/greece/emH934K.

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