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Support Greece through the THI COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund Campaign

Peter Poulos, the Executive Director of The Hellenic Initiative has made an appeal to Hellenes and Philhellenes around the globe to aid Greece and the organization Agigma Zois, which helps patients with weak immune systems, through the THI COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund Campaign.

Read his message:

Dear Friends of THI,

These are trying times for all of us and especially for our brothers and sisters in Greece.  After 10 years of a prolonged financial crisis Greece was finally set to see the light of day only to have it darkened again by COVID-19.  And to make matters worse the one bright spot in its economy, tourism, will now take the most serious blow, worsening the economic situation for thousands of individuals and families.

There is, however, a silver lining which is a relief for the present and bodes well for the future. I am referring to the way both the government and the people of Greece have risen to the occasion in the ways they have handled this crisis. It is also gratifying to see world leaders and the international media congratulating them. 

As a crisis relief organization THI has a duty to respond to this new challenge in the best way we can, and so we have launched the THI COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund Campaign. In just a short time we have received generous support from Diaspora Greeks and Philhellenes all over the globe.  We have also received many contributions from people living in Greece who have come to trust and value THI’s works.  

One of the organizations we are helping is called Agigma Zois, which helps patients with weak immune systems.  One of the people they are helping is a 38 year old man with final stage cancer. He is required to visit state run clinics to certify the level of his disease and allow him to receive his treatments. His wife, who is pregnant, cannot visit these places with him as it would put her and their unborn child at risk. Thanks to Agigma Zois he has managed to get the support he needs. 

There are many stories similar to this young man’s and so we would like to ask you to join us in becoming an Ambassador of this campaign.  Here are 2 easy ways you can help.

  • Make a contribution.  Any size gift is greatly appreciated.
  • Share the links with your friends, family and colleagues.

We know everyone is suffering and so we are especially grateful for all you have done to help our beloved Greece and for your continued unwavering support of THI. Please stay safe and healthy.

Xristos Anesti,

Peter Poulos, Executive Director
The Hellenic Initiative

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