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The islet of Agios Nikolaos within the endless blue of Ithaca

Featured The islet of Agios Nikolaos within the endless blue of Ithaca

It is no coincidence that Homer chose Ithaca as the island of the ingenious Odysseus. Beautiful, impressive, special, admirable, calm, but above all unique. Thus, returning to it is a recurring wish. Marinos Charalampopoulos takes us on a bird's-eye tour

In every corner you find authentic images full of the colors of Greece, with blue in all its shades dominating the landscape. But the main thing is that you do not need to be in a specific place to enjoy all this beauty.

In northern Ithaca, just outside Frikes, there is a special beach called Marmakas. Its peculiarity is due to the fact that, when the water ia at low tide, an islet of sand divides it in two, resulting in one part becoming a small lagoon. As for its name, it owes it to the small all-white pebbles that are laid on the seabed and shine so brightly in the glorious sun, creating the perfect contrast of blue and green with their whiteness.

However, this beautiful scenery is completed by the small rocky island of Agios Nikolaos with the church of the same name, located close to the coast. Transparent crystal clear waters ideal for swimming, pieces of small rocks protruding from the sea, small shrubs and some pines that embrace the tiled roof of the stone church of Agios Nikolaos the Younger, whose celebration is on the 10th of August, create another wonderful image. Ithaca offers aqll its best.

And for all those daring people who like swimming and enjoy diving ... the underwater caves beneath the bedrock will leave them with the most beautiful underwater image they could ever see ...


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