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Decision to suspend trips to Italy applies to all levels of education

"Students, who are already in the process of returning to Greece, will return to their normal activities," Education and Religion Minister Niki Kerameus said on Monday in an interview with radio station Praktoreio 104.9 FM, referring to students who are currently visiting Italy and are about to come back due to the spread of coronavirus in the neighbouring country.

  • Published in Greece

Greek authorities on the warpath against Turkish-led cyber attacks

'Recruiting'… executioners of Greek websites, mass 'infringement' on Greek internet sites, use of 'zombie' computers in Greece as… trojans for mass attacks on domestic websites, are seen by officials from the National Security Council of the national intelligence agency EYP (CERT) , and the Department of Cybercrime Prosecution, as being behind the massive cyberattacks on Greek state and business websites and as coming from Turkey.

  • Published in Greece
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