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Greek-Australian Senator Xenophon Cautions Military Deployments

Australian Senator Nick Xenophon voiced to the nation's Senate, that a lengthy Australian military presence in Syria and Iraq concerning ISIS, should be authorized by Parliament, after the current critical situation is alleviated.

In Xenophon's address, he discussed that while there is an absence of a constitutional protocol "for the executive to seek the blessing of the Australian parliament before troops are committed to war", previous instances have revealed that Parliamentary recommendations offer "a valuable check on the executive being dragged into a quagmire", as reported by Neos Kosmos.

The Greek-Australian Senator added, "What the government says of the present situation in Iraq and Syria is that time is of the essence. We need to avert a humanitarian catastrophe...However, once the urgency has passed and the troops and resources have been deployed, I believe it is reasonable for the parliament to have a say and that the continued deployment should be subject to parliamentary approval".

Xenephon warned his nation of its requirements to be "alert to the grave dangers of escalation". He discussed learned examples "from the catastrophic consequences of George W. Bush's handling of Iraq and Australia, seemingly heedlessly following the U.S. without question".

The Greek-Australian politician also referenced other historical mishaps including Vietnam, in his stance that Parliamentary debates and approvals are necessary. He stated of Australian troops set to work on the Iraqi mission, "I am sure they will do us proud".

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