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Greek Ministry of Education Offers Int'l Student Video Contest

The Greek Ministry of Education and the Educational Radiotelevision have created a video contest for youth titled, "Kalimera. One day in your city. Greece and you.", concerning learning the Greek language and living abroad.

Qualified applicants include all primary and secondary school students attending Greek schools oversees. The Greek Ministry of Education released the following document, concerning the terms and conditions of participation.

For students learning Greek and living abroad
The Ministry of Education and the Educational Radiotelevision (edutv) organize a video contest for children and youth on the subject:
"Kalimera. One day in your city. Greece and you"
Terms and Conditions of Participation

1. Participation is open to all students in primary and secondary education in Greek schools abroad, whether they are publicly funded Greek schools or private schools that operate under the auspices of the Greek Church or the Archdiocese, or Charter Schools, or even Greek language classes that are privately funded. In addition, students from Italian schools who speak the "Griko", in the area of Grecia Salentina, are encouraged to participate.
2. Participation is based on the following two age categories: • Children 6-12 years
• Children and young people from 12 to 18 years
Each student (or team of students) can participate with one video. The videos will be judged based on the two age categories.
3. The video should be up to 7 minutes in duration.
4. Applications for participation in the contest can be submitted electronically from March 3, 2014 to June 30, 2014 via the following website http://videocontest.i-create.gr/ The submission of the application form constitutes an explicit and unconditional agreement and acceptance of all the conditions of the tender on behalf of the participant. The website includes detailed instructions for the application procedure. There are also useful technical instructions for creating and uploading the videos. No specific technical requirements for the production of videos are required. Videos can be produced even with the cell phone camera in order to give the opportunity to as many children as possible to participate. Finally, the website provides guidance for editing the videos, in case the participants wish for it.
5. The videos will be judged by a committee composed of artists and academics. The evaluation of the videos will be based on the following criteria:
Good use of ICT
Comprehensive approach of the subject
Promotion of communication between young people
6. All visitors of the website can vote the video of their preference from 10/3/2014 to 30/06/2014. Every visitor of the website can vote as many videos as he/she likes. Each video can receive only one "like". The 30% of the public vote and 70% of the vote of the Committee will give the results of the 10 most popular videos (five per age category).
7. A certificate of participation and souvenirs will be awarded to all students by the Ministry of Education. A distinction plaque will be given to schools with high students' participation rate.
8. The awards for the 20 most popular videos will be announced during the course of the competition at the website www.i-create.gr. At this point, we wish to point out that the important thing in this action is the participation and not the prizes.
9. The 20 most popular videos, will be screened in information-cultural emissions from the Educational Radiotelevision (edutv) and will be uploaded on the website. In addition, they will
10. By entering the video contest participants shall provide to the Ministry of Education permission of exploitation of the videos via internet, television and any other kind of broadcasting for an unlimited time.
11. By entering the contest, you will be considered to have agreed to contest terms and conditions of the Greek School Network http://internet-safety.sch.gr/index.php/provoli/faqs from where the form of parental consent can be downloaded.
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