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The launch of geothermal research in four regions of Northern Greece, in the final stretch

The submission of files, with candidates' offers, for the international tender for leasing the research right to locate geothermal potential in four uncharacterized areas of Northern Greece has been completed.

Specifically, in the southern basin of Strymonas, in the western Delta of Nestos, in Akropotamos of Kavala and in the southern basin - Delta of the Evros.

In the final stretch, the launch of geothermal research
In total, as announced by the Ministry of Environment and Energy for geothermal energy, five files were submitted with offers from the candidates, separately for each region. The Bid Evaluation Committee unsealed, in the presence of the representatives of the candidates, the envelopes with supporting documents for participation and will continue with the evaluation of the technical-financial bids, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the tender.

"The Ministry of Environment and Energy encourages geothermal research, with the aim of electricity production starting again - after a decade - under a new, fully updated, institutional framework.

At the same time, it supports efforts to utilize geothermal fields of local interest (temperatures from 30°C to 90°C) for the development of urban district heating networks and organized distribution of thermal energy in units of the primary sector (e.g. in greenhouses, fish farms, etc.), but also for applications in mild craft - industrial actions", the announcement emphasizes.

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Police rounds up ATM robbers, among them rap singer

Greek police dismantled a gang that had vandalized ATMs throughout the country since last February, whose members - acting absolutely professionally and with a plan - had managed to extract a total of 710,000 euros.

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