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UK Red Arrows aerobatic sqn. create heart in Greek skies

Featured UK Red Arrows aerobatic sqn. create heart in Greek skies

The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, have been showcasing their skills in the skies of Greece.

Residents of northeastern Attica and southern Evia have the rare opportunity to watch the exercises of the legendary pilots of the Royal Air Force (RAF) "Red Arrows" acrobatic squadron.

Daily performances

Every day shortly after 7.30 in the morning and after 14.30, the 11 crimson BAE Systems Hawk T1 aircraft, which are the famous "Red Arrows" squadron, make their appearance in the southern Evia and perform some of the unique stunts. Those who are on the beaches of Kalamos, Oropos, Halkoutsi, Dilesi but also Eretria, Aliveri, the surrounding areas but in the surrounding villages enjoy rare performances of the legendary squadron every day. The crimson planes come from Tanagra and for 20-25 minutes give a real recital diving from 40,000 feet making maneuvers and figures even a few meters above sea level.

red arrows

Red Arrows create heart in Greek skies

Currently, on pre-season display training and preparations for events including the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations – Synchro Pair, Reds 6 and 7 showed off the crowd-favourite heart shape in the sky.

Displaying since 1965, the Red Arrows will be taking to the skies for their 2022 season, with 50 performances spanning June to September.

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