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Illicit Dump Site Discovered in Votanikos

For six months a group of criminals had been dumping dangerous waste in a vacant lot in the Votanikos district of Athens.

Police that reached the area after calls where flabbergasted at the sight of the area Panathinaikos had requested in the past to build a new stadium had been turned into an unspeakable dumping ground.

The three truck drivers were arrested while they were actually dumping their hazardous cargo, in the 4 hectare lot.

The lot was covered with toxic waste to a depth of 2-6 meters. Health inspectors found among the refuse toner materials, dye residues, plastic automobile parts, pharmaceutical waste, tires, and a host of other materials.

The manager of the lot as well as the manager of plant in Oinofyta that used the lot's services were also arrested.

Illicit profits are estimated in the tens of thousands of euros.

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