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Couple drowns attempting to save their children

The holidays of a couple from Heraklion who had camped on the beach of the town of Rethymnon resulted in tragedy when the man and woman tried to save their two children from drowning.

A couple drowned when at about 9 in the evening they realized that two of their four children, a baby boy and a little girl, were in danger and shouting help in the turbulent sea. The couple entered the sea, but had difficulty staying afloat.

The owner of the tavern on the beach managed to drag the boy to the shore while bathers helped the little girl.

Men in the harbor who arrived at the beach asked for the assistance of a ship passing through the area, coming from Santorini at 10 o'clock in the evening.

The two parents were finally taken out the sea after an hour without their senses, and despite the CPR could not be brought back.

The coupls was transferred to Rethymnon Hospital, where doctors tried for a long time to bring back the man, as he was the only one showing signs of life, but he eventually succumbed.

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