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Pangalos claims to be living on 370 euros a month gathers scorn on internet

Theodoros Pangalos lives on 370 euros a month and is afraid to go outside because of the threats he receives from the left-wing bullies.

This is what Theodoros Pangalos said on Skai TV. The former PASOK minister explained that he is living on just 370 euros a month after his bank accounts were seized and revealed that he also sent a letter to Euclid Tsakalotos but was treated with indifference:

"I wrote a letter to Euclid Tsakalotos, who replied with an official letter and I did not understand anything. EUR 1,200 is a minimum unconfiscatable amount if  someone owes to the public sector. They seized my funds for inheritance tax debt. They were held by the general state accountant," he said.

Theodoros Panglos also added that he feared to be circulate because of the threats he receives from left-wing bullies:

"I'm afraid to go around because of the left-wing bullies. They are threatening not just me, but also my family members. "

"When yoghurt was thrown against me in Kalyvia, the Prime Minister said that yoghurt has a cooling effect," he reminded and reiterated his intention to vote for ND in the next elections because, as he said, we are in a "civil war".

In a question about whether he has dealings with KINAL and listening to the previous guest of the show, the former minister reportedly said, "before I heard Mr. Karanikolas of KINAL and he spoke b-------t".

However, the former minister is being blasted on social media and the internet for having dozens of properties, while claiming to be living on a pittance. Many cannot forget the often wild remarks made by the former minister on everything under the sun, his ridiculous role in the Imia incident, and his past as communist.

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