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Lacta chocolate’s same-sex couple campaign sparks fierce online debate

Featured Lacta chocolate’s same-sex couple campaign sparks fierce online debate

Not wanting to be left out of the whirlwind of the whole PC culture and diversity narrative sweeping across the globe, the latest Lacta chocolate campaign features 28 couples with different sexual orientation, colour, ethnicity, age and other levels of diversity.

With the slogan “embrace all the flavours of love”, the advertising campaign sends a message against discrimination, while at the same time achieving its goal of trending on social media.

The 28 couples participating in this campaign were photographed for Lacta’s #ActForLove exhibition, proving that “love has no colour, age, ethnicity, and gender”, as the campaign says.

However, the message conveyed by the popular chocolate company has the public divided, sparking a passionate debate about its content and whether it is appropriate. Some dubbed it unacceptable and provocative, pointing out that this product was mainly targeted at children, while others defended the campaign by praising the creators and the inclusivity.

Of course, there were also those who could not resist the temptation and trolled the whole concept by creating parody couples from the current affairs.

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