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Are Greece are Turkey on a collision course over East Med natural resources?

Featured Are Greece are Turkey on a collision course over East Med natural resources?

The Hellenic Armed Forces are on high alert in the face of Turkey’s stated intentions to move forward with seismic surveys for the exploration of oil/gas deposits south of the Greek island of Kasterlorizo in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Athens has made clear its red lines so Ankara is aware of the consequences in the event it decides to overstep and not limit itself to merely issuing irregular Navtex notices and presenting but propaganda maps and moves forward with seismic surveys.

According to information, precautionary measures have already been taken at both the diplomatic and military levels.

One cannot even rule out a Greek-Turkish crisis, with the prospect of even turning into a hot incident with unintended consequences.

To this end, the presence of Greek warships in the area in question is expected to increase. Unlike Cyprus, Greece has an Armed Forces with deterrent power. “We are calm, but there is no ambiguity regarding any violation of Greek sovereignty,” senior Foreign Ministry source said.

Turkey has announced that they will carry out seismic surveys after August 15 in Greece’s continental shelf (Greece has not yet declared its EEZ).

The assessment in diplomatic circles in both Athens and Nicosia is that the time of truth, however that might materialise, will come in either in September or October.

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