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Coronavirus fears empty supermarket shelves

Featured Coronavirus fears empty supermarket shelves

The healthministry said after the first outbreak of coronavirus that there was no reason to panic and that the situation was under control, but that does not seem to calm citizens, who both in Thessaloniki and Athens yesterday rushed to supermarkets to buy food and things they believe are necessary.

In Thessaloniki, noon traffic was up 150% in supermarkets, according to a well-known chain store manager at thestival.

However, they point out that there is no supply issue at the moment and that additional orders will be launched immediately as they see demand increase further.

The picture was similar in Athens yesterday, after the announcement of the first case. At a supermarket chain in Pefki several shelves were empty in the afternoon. Pasta, flour, frozen products have vanished, and antiseptic and other hygiene products, such as sanitary wipes, etc. are in high demand.

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