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Varoufakis accuses government of authoritarianism

Featured Varoufakis accuses government of authoritarianism

MeRA25 leader Yanis Varoufakis, in a message addressed to the prime minister on Wednesday, accused him of authoritarianism over the government's crackdown on the young people gathering in squares.

Varoufakis said that a government that "cares for the health of young citizens that meet at a square can send the police to politely recommend that they keep safe distances, or perhaps return to their homes. But what can one say about a government that sends fully equipped police to beat unarmed people without any warning. The same young people that in a few days it will force to go back to school without any plan for testing them or their teachers, with laughable protection measures within classrooms and corridors."

According to MeRA25's leader, this indicated either a foolish government or a government planning new forms of authoritarianism: "For MeRA25 the answer is clear, we do not believe your government is foolish, we consider that you revolve around the axis of authoritarianism, which demands the sacrifice of the many at the altar of the parasitic oligarchy whose interests you serve."

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