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10 Glorious Reasons You Should Visit Greece During Winter

Featured 10 Glorious Reasons You Should Visit Greece During Winter

Popuilar travel site https://theculturetrip.com/ has featured an article lauding the beauties of Greece for the winter ntraveller. Spending the summer in Greece is an excellent idea, but don’t be too quick to dismiss it for your winter holiday break, says the article. You may be surprised to find out that temperatures can reach as high as 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit) in November and December in the southern parts. If that hasn’t convinced you yet, here are ten reasons why you should head to Greece during winter.

The ten reasons it cites: 

Sample The Traditional Winter Food

Enjoy The Warm Heat Of Rakomelo

Give Greece’s Other Urban Treasures A Chance

Discover A Christmas-Inspired Theme Park

Visit Landmarks Without Crowds Of Tourists

Swim In A Thermal Lake

Experience A Unique Greek Festival

Ski In The Footstool Of The Ancient Gods

Explore The Homeland Of Centaurs

Enjoy The Greek Islands In A Different Light

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