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Cretan Crocodile Sifis Remains At Large

Cretan crocodile Sifis has yet to be captured and is still swimming in the Potami Dam, according to reports.

Chicken bait traps have been installed over the last couple of weeks to catch Sifis and return him to his natural habitat, but he won't bite. Potami Dam's Administrative Director Vangelis Mamagakis stated to Ethnos newspaper, "We are going to use all available methods with patience and perseverance before moving on to plan B, which is using ropes and nets in order to capture the reptile", as reported by GBTimes Greece.

Sifis' popularity is growing, as an increasing number of tourists have traveled to the region to observe him. The crocodile has been a hit on social media sites as well, and even has his own Facebook pages.  On Thursday, local specialists will convene to determine Sifis' fate.

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