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Daily Mail exposes a Brit couple that systematically left restaurants in Crete without paying

Featured Daily Mail exposes a Brit couple that systematically left restaurants in Crete without paying

A couple of British tourists on holiday in Crete have been accused of leaving at least three taverns without paying the bill.

Mimicking Italian hoodlums who recently did the same at a restaurant in Albania, the unidentified British couple reportedly enjoyed food and drinks before loudly complaining about the quality of the meal and getting up to leave three tavernas in the area of the village of Koutouloufari in North Crete.

Their last "hit" is believed to have been at the Ariadni Apartments restaurant, famous for its seafood, traditional Greek cuisine and pizzas. An angry member of staff posted the photo of the Brits on Facebook with the accompanying caption: 'Watch out for this couple. When they finish their meal, they refuse to pay the bill. We are the third restaurant so far where they implemented this tactic. It's also good that the restaurant owners in the village communicate with each other and we know what to expect."

Rage of British holidaymakers for their "scammer" compatriots

The post on the Koutouloufari For Ever Facebook group attracted more than 200 comments, including from British holidaymakers and Cretan residents, accusing the couple of embarrassing Britain.

“Such beautiful people and place. Shame on you!” commented one woman. And another user added angrily: "It's disgusting. How can anyone do such a thing to the lovable people of the area... It is people like this that put us English people to shame."

According to the Daily Mail, a woman said on Facebook that she believed the British couple returned to Britain last Tuesday. After seeing the photo of the couple, he said he had seen the man in the port area of Hersonissos, which is near Kouloufari and is famous for its quiet beaches and antiquities. "We were in Chersonissos until August 29. I'm sure I saw him at least once on the Peninsula the week we were there and on the last day (29th). I'm pretty sure my partner spoke to him while they were waiting outside a restaurant (bus stop 22) for our transfer. He was very drunk, he was eating and drinking at the restaurant and he said he would be leaving later that day," he said.