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Protothema.gr news in english
  • Reviving investment is key for growth
    null The rebalancing of the Greek economy has relied on recessionary policies bearing fruit... argued that the economy should rely on exports of goods...
  • Contraction in 2013 revised to 3.85 pct
    economy will rebound 0.7 percent this year. Provisional GDP data for 2013 showed the contraction... for the economy this year is a return to growth af...
  • Investment collapse bodes ill
    economy from a consumption-based to an export-oriented, investment-driven model. This cannot be done... of the collapse of investment spending on capi...
  • It will get much worse before it gets better
    run. Nevertheless, the impact of overhauling the banking sector on the economy will be severe... economy. Unless another sector fills the gap or/and d...
  • BoG: Economy may rebound sooner
    of the country’s economy during a presentation on Wednesday of the central bank’s report on monetary... be particularly negative for the e...


Protothema.gr news in english
  • Fake news shot down on social media
    fools and/or evil people in this world, which explains the mass production of fake news. However, we...Although fake news has been around since before...
  • Greece among the world’s sporting elite
    null Sunday was a sour day for Greek fans, given the elimination from the World Basketball Cup... around the world shows that, despite its domestic cr...
  • Documentary festival rolling in Thessaloniki
    a handful of boys and girls from various parts of the world as they train for the Youth America Grand Prix in New York City, a competition that could ...
  • G8 leaders back Greece
    null World leaders convening in the US presidential retreat in Maryland for the G8 summit of the world?s leading industrialized nations expressed conv...
  • ERT to air BBC World News, Deutsche Welle
    null Greek state broadcaster ERT will begin transmitting BBC World News and Deutsche Welle on its digital frequencies from Monday. The two foreign cha...



Protothema.gr news in english
Protothema.gr news in english

Diaspora & Editorial

Malliotakis Declares Victory

Malliotakis Declares Victory

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, the Republican and Conservative Party candidate in the hotly contested race for New York's 11th Congressional District (Brooklyn-Staten Island), declared victory Tuesday night as supporters gathered under...

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