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What will the West do if Putin uses tactical nuclear weapons?

Russian statements referring to the country's nuclear arsenal have alarmed the global public and analysts, recalling a climate we have not seen since the Cuban crisis in October 1962. What will the West do if Putin becomes more likely to use tactical nuclear weapons? ; In June 2020, President Putin approved the text of the "Basic Principles of State Policy of the Russian Federation for Nuclear Deterrence", which states: "The Russian Federation considers nuclear weapons exclusively as a means of deterrence."

Dangerous double standards

The executive director of the Hellenic American Leadership Council., Andy Zemenides recently wrote about the situation on Cyprus, with the northern part so many decades under the yoke of Turkish occupation and oppression.The opinion piece published in ekathimerini has been forwarded to us and we reprint it here with the utmost respect for the writer, fellow journalists, and our readers.

Long-standing social ills undermine economic prospects

Everyone in the government's financial staff is touting their belief in a rebound after ten years of memoranda and the subsequent pummeling brought on by the pandemic. The recent oversubscribed exit to markets and the upgrade of the country's ratings by agencies has bolstered this optimism. But since the Greek people have undergone a host of trials and tribulations one has every right to feel apprehensive about any “good news” being peddled by politicians.

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