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Himara: The Greek national businessman Petros Gikourias is a candidate for the municipality

Greek minority businessman Petros Gikourias announced his candidacy for the municipality of Heimarra today, which is expected to be supported by the Albanian opposition parties and the democratic union of the Greek ethnic minority "OMONIA", in the August 4 elections.

"I made the decision to take a step forward for the city, to run for Mayor and to ask the political parties, the associations and every fellow citizen to support this candidacy so that we can move on to the next day. I was born in Drymades and I come from a family that fought for two sacred battles: for our Land and for Democracy. I worked hard in Greece and in the USA, I learned a lot working in the field of catering and hospitality. And I want to use all this knowledge and experience in my country, working together with my compatriots for the advancement and development of Himarra in all sectors" he says.

And he continues: "On August 4 we are not voting for a prime minister, we are voting for a mayor!" We are voting for the next day of Chimara! The next day for the Municipality of Himara will not have exclusions. He will have no children of a lesser god. Permanent residents and emigrants. Socialists and Democrats. Have and havenots. We will have no corruption. There will be no insecurity for the property of every citizen. You will not have an appointed Mayor, faithfully carrying out the orders of those who want to usurp our properties. Wherever they come from. We are all citizens of Himara and we must not allow anyone to divide us, no matter how high they are. Above all and above all it is local interest!"

"The next day for the Municipality of Himara has a program! What the citizens of Himara voted for last May. The next day has work. It has solutions! It has investments! It has Europe! It has Democracy, which is guaranteed first of all by the Mayor! It has a Mayor who will have doors open in Tirana, in Brussels, in Athens, but also in Washington to claim the best for the next day of Heimarra. With these words, I ask for your support and vote" he concludes.

Nevada's Titus still rooting for Biden

Greek American representative of the 1st District of Nevada, Dina Titus, directly expressed her support for president, Joe Biden, in order to remain in the race and claim his re-election against Donald Trump.

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