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Parliament unanimously votes for the annulment of 2019 pension cuts

The Parliament unanimously voted for the annulment of pension cuts scheduled to take effect in 2019, in a vote late on Tuesday.

Earlier, Tsipras said that many, both inside and outside Parliament, cannot believe their eyes, having staked everything on Europe's refusal to agree to abolishing the cuts. "We warned you at every opportunity and in every way to not rush to conclusions about pensions," he said.

"You exchanged the FYROM issue with the pension cuts, you exchanged a measure that you should not have passed with a major national retreat," main opposition leader Mitsotakis said, addressing the prime minister. "In Brussels, what they say about you is that no other Greek prime minister was so easy to negotiate with. You gave everything, Mr. Tsipras," he added.

"You have mortgaged the country's wealth and agreed to high surpluses, this is the unofficial fourth memorandum" claimed ND's leader.

"It was a policy against everyone.... The danger of not being able to borrow from the markets at reasonable interest rates and having to resort to the EU like beggars is not passed," said Mitsotakis. He urged Tsipras to call general elections as soon as possible and give the Greek people an opportunity to decide on both the economy and the FYROM issue.

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