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Fage Yogurt Plans U.S. Production Enlargement

Popular Greek yogurt brand Fage is set to enlarge its American manufacturing at its New York production plant, according to reports.

The leading Greek dairy corporation currently produces 85,000 tons yearly in New York, and is looking to increase its production to 160,000 tons, as reported by Kathimerini. It has experienced significant overseas successes, while its domestic sales have suffered recent losses.

Fage's goal is to surpass competing products that claim to be strained Greek yogurt, even though many don't consist of the required ingredients. This can be seen in the example of Chobani. A UK court decision decided that Chobani can't market its product as "Greek yogurt" as it is not created through the specialized straining method needed and does not originate from Greece.

Fage's yogurt sales have soared from 16,600 tons in 2009 to 69,250 tons in 2013 on the American market. In 2013, the Greek company's total sales increased by 4.5%, in comparison to 2012 due to its international popularity. Fage items are currently available in 40 nations, while in 2013, its U.S. sales increased by 6.9% year-on-year. However in Greece, sales shrunk by 4.1% from 2013 to 2012.

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