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Kasselakis sends 'thank you' from New York to more than 63,000 who voted on Sunday

Featured Kasselakis sends 'thank you' from New York to more than 63,000 who voted on Sunday

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Stefanos Kasselakis, in a social media post on Monday from New York, expressed his gratitude to the thousands of members and friends of the party that voted in the election to select the party's candidates in the upcoming European Parliament elections on June 9.

"In New York, at the big parade for the anniversary of 25th March, which each year is a major event for the Diaspora. Together with thousands of other Greeks abroad. Those who make us proud, keeping the Greek flag high, away from their country," Kasselakis said.

"Those with whom we will work so that they and their children can return to Greece, not as 'imported' but as equal Greeks," he added.

"From New York, I would like to send a big 'thank you' to the more than 63,000 members and friends of SYRIZA that participated yesterday in an unprecedented process for the Greek political system, in which they themselves shaped our party's Euroballot with their vote. I confess that I had not expected so massive a participation but I had hoped for it. I thank you for being here so that we can change the future together. Because we deserve a better life," he said.

The 35 candidates on SYRIZA-PA's European elections ballot will be unveiled on Monday.

Earlier, Kasselakis spoke at the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New York, where he was attending celebrations by the Greek-American community to mark the March 25th Greek Independence Day holiday.

"This holiday of the Revolution reminds all of us in public life exactly why we are fighting. We are fighting to honour the struggles of those who bring us freedom," Kasselakis said. He promised that the main opposition party will stand at the side of Greeks abroad, so they feel equal and emphasised the importance of the Cyprus issue, which he said was "at the heart of Hellenism." SYRIZA has a "clear position" on the Cyprus issue, he added, believing that it must be a "key pillar in Greek-Turkish and EU-Turkish relations".

"We might today be celebrating the first steps that gave peace, love and pride to Greece but at the same time a fire is raging in the Middle East, with civilians losing their lives and no end in sight," he added, expressing hopes for peace in the world, peace in the Middle East and an immediate ceasefire.