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4th Athens Bike Festival

Following the successful organisation of the previous three Bike Festivals during the European Mobility Week, it became evident that Athens is a city with a growing cycling culture and that an annual cycling festival in the heart of the city is a must for the increasing number of cyclists.

Shakhter Sheep Sacrifice Stopped?

Τhe Pan-hellenic Coordination Committee of Animal Welfare Unions has sent a letter to the relevant prosecutor asking for his intervention in tomorrow's match between PAOK and visitors from Kazakhstan Shakhter Karagandy in the event the visiting team follows its custom of slaughtering a sheep before the game.

The animal welfare watchdog also sent its letter to the ministries of agriculture and culture, to PAOK, the Greek Football Federation, and the Thessaloniki prosecutor expressing concern over animal abuse, noting that "we respect the religious traditions and cultures of other peoples, when it does not include the abuse of animals."

In the letter it is explained that the practice was recently banned in Scotland by UEFA. The issue will b e discussed in tomorrow's police briefing ahead of the game.

However, in a press conference, Shakter coach Victor Kumikov noted that it was a local tradition that would not be repeated on the playing field.

Rallies Against Neo-Nazis

The murder of Pavlos Fyssas by 45 year old G.R. A self-professed member of Golden Dawn has engendered rage throughout Greece.

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