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Hellenicity being breached by leftist "intelectuals" and media hounds

Many see the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis as continuing the "multi-cultural" phase ushered by the former government of SYRIZA. On the one hand through his declarations on issues sensitive to Greeks and on the other hand, through his sister Dora Bakoyannis’ statements to "keep immigrants as land workers", many Greeks are worried by suspect "modernist" notes that seem to strike at the very spirit of Hellenism.

Erdogan's lapdog: The foundation of Western civilization is built on genocide, theft

Turkey has become an authoritarian state flirting with militarism, bent on ethnic cleansing, revisionism of existing borders, and a resurgence of Ottoman hegemony over the broader region. In its efforts it has sought to manipulate its rhetoric accordingly. Now the NATO member and EU aspirant member has laid bare what it really thinks of the West.

by Efthimios Tsiliopoulos

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