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District of Columbia Recognizes Armenian, Greek and Assyrian/Aramean Genocides

New Greek TV welcomes the City Council of the District of Columbia’s adoption of a special resolution affirming the Genocide  of Christians by the Ottoman Empire and its successor Turkey via a unanimous vote of 13-0 on November 8, 2019. In addition to truthfully and forcefully recognizing the Genocide, the resolution calls for its inclusion in the DC public school curriculum. The District of Columbia joins 49 U.S. States and the United States House of Representatives in recognizing the Genocide.

“Tightrope” acrobat Erdogan rails against Macron in the presence of Trump with many aims…

Of particular interest at the Trump-Erdogan meeting were the references of the two presidents to France, focusing on the French president’s statements on NATO. Macron had described – in Economist magazine – the Atlantic Alliance as “clinically dead” and in a state of being “brain dead.” He had also flogged Turkey, accusing it of launching an attack on another country, Syria, in an area where French interests are at stake. Macron has reasonably wondered whether, under Article 5, NATO should hurry to assist Turkey if the Assad regime decides to defend militarily against the Turkish troops that have invaded Syria.

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