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The issues Tsipras will raise with Trump

Featured The issues Tsipras will raise with Trump

The White House gate opens today for the Greek Prime Minister, and Alexis Tsipras will be accepted (14.00 EDT- 19.00 Greek time) by Donald Trump sftaer which will follow joint statements with the US President.

Officials from the PM's office talk about "high symbolism" with "special gravity". And it is obvious that in the ... bargain that will follow behind closed door of the Trab-Tsipras meeting, the Greek side will raise the bar in order to ensure - beyond just a communications initiative - the greatest possible benefits. Taking advantage, obviously, of the very good climate in Greek-American relations prevailing at this time.

The government team claims that "Greece is currently in a strong position and has deepened its relations with China," as they point out, which suggests that it can not be ruled out that this has provokes intense concern on the other side of the Atlantic, while recalling the catalytic role of inviting the Greek Prime Minister, is the fact that Greece is an "apple of discord".

Support for investments-debt

As has been shown by the Prime Minister's public statements in the US, stepping up efforts to get out of the crisis is the number one priority and this goes through the path of investments. For this reason, the government camp does not hide that Mr. Tsipras will call for practical support of the US factor in investment and entrepreneurship, which is obviously not free of charge! This is because the Americans have set as a direct priority the upgrading of their military presence in Greece, with Souda Bay at the heart of their policy.

The development of the economy creates stability and strengthens Greece's role for security in the wider region, the Prime Minister noted in the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, noting that on this basis and perspective, the common future of Greece and the United States is intertwined. As for the issue of debt, considering that the US plays a major role in it, it is obvious that the prime minister will try to secure a supportive statement.

Support on national issues

The second front that Athens will raise are issues concerns national matters, which are of major importance. And this" concerns: The end of the aggression of the Turkish side in the Aegean, a jointly accepted solution to the FYROM name issue, and a just and viable solution for the Cyprus problem.

In particular, as regards Turkey and against the backdrop of Russia's plan to sell the S-400 anti-missile system, Athens wants Washington to support its own interests, since if the above-mentioned plans are implemented, the balance of power will change radically. In a recent interview, Mr. Tsipras stated that "Greece has a number of open issues and has consistently defended its sovereign rights on the basis of international law while, at the same time, it has saught to consolidate stability in the wider region."

Finally, the talks will address by regional developments of high interest and in which Greece has an active participation and upgraded cooperation with a number of neighboring countries. Proof of this inparticular, are the tripartite (Greece - Cyprus - Israel, Greece - Cyprus - Egypt) and the four - party (Greece - Serbia - Bulgaria - Romania) conferences.