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The F-16 deal between Greece and the US

Featured The F-16 deal between Greece and the US

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) released details on the deal for the upgrading of Greece’s F-16 fighter jet fleet following the meeting between Greek PM Alexis Tsipras and US President Donald Trump in Washington.

Trump had repeatedly made reference to the agreement on th Greek aircraft in his public meeting in front of the cameras with the Greek PM. The DSCA announcement refers to an estimated cost of EUR 2,404 billion, despite a tweet by Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos which claimed that the correct figure was 1.1 billion euros and the the rest of the money relates to assistance and compensatory programs.

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According to the DSCA, Greece has requested a possible upgrade of its existing F-16 fleet to an F-16 Block V configuration and will include all its electronic equipment, the modern APG-83 AESA radar, a flight planning system (JMPS), a F-16V flight simulator, the upgrading of two existing PA simulators to F-16V, the upgrading of ASPIS I self-defense suites to ASPIS II, ground support equipment, system integration and test systems, spare parts etc.

The key contractor will also be Lockheed Martin, which is based in Texas, while the offset agreement will be the subject of a contract between the contractor and Greece.
The announcement states that this agreement will contribute to the achievement of US foreign policy and national security goals by improving the defence capabilities of a NATO ally.