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Refugees stage hunger strike for family reunification

Featured Refugees stage hunger strike for family reunification

Refugees from various camps and reception centres around Greece are staging a hunger strike in Athens' main Syntagma Square, demanding reunification with their families.

The hunger strikers say they will remain in Syntagma until their demands are satisfied.

"We are fleeing Syria because there is war there. We have come here, and we are living in the streets with our children. We shall remain until our demands are met.  We have not applied for asylum, only for family reunion," a representative of the hunger strikers told Vima newspaper.

Amr Issa is from Syria. He is in Greece alone, as his family is currently residing in Germany. "My daughter and  wife are in Germany. I was unable to go because I only had enough money  for two people, and not three.  We applied some months ago, and our applications were approved. We shall remain here and continue our hunger strike until we get answers," Issa told the newspaper.

Previously, refugees and citizens held a demonstration to show solidarity with the refugees. Among them were the president of the LAE (Popular Unity) party Panagiotis Lafazanis, formerly a SYRIZA minister who now heads the anti-memorandum splinter party.