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Young Turks visit Thessaloniki to get married in Ataturk family home

Featured Young Turks visit Thessaloniki to get married in Ataturk family home

Turkish couples travel to Thessaloniki from Constantinople, Smyrna, Ankara, Eski Sekhir, even from central Turkey, to perform wedding ceremonies in the Turkish consulate,which is also the purported home of the founder of the modern Turkish state, Kemal Ataturk.

The reason for many couples of young Turks, for whom marriage in this building is not just a "sacred ritual", but also a "life purpose" as many admit.

The Consulate in Thessaloniki was visited by more than 120,000 Turkish citizens in 2014, many of them young, whose main purpose is to visit Thessaloniki for their wedding, because of the alleged birth of the Turkish leader there.

The mere existence of this building in Thessaloniki has been shown for some years now as pole increasing the flow of Turkish visitors to the capital of Macedonia and making the city a prime destination for tourists from the neighboring country.

Turkish tourists visit Thessaloniki with their families or their future spouses for a short three-day, four-day or weekly trip, and after exploring the sites of their own cultural interest, they discover the beauties of Macedonia.

Wedding travel, usually lasting three days, includes a traditional meal in some of the dozens of taverns in Thessaloniki, a feast in a nightclub after the ceremony and of course all the preparation before the wedding mystery, shopping in expensive clothing and footwear stores and of course with the hair care of hairdressers and aesthetics.

Their program includes a classic morning stroll along the coastal avenue, coffee in Aristotelous Square, the harbor and the White Tower and later a ceremony. This is followed by a night of feasting with relatives, who also accompany the couple. This event is not just for the wealthy but also also for middle class families of Turkey.