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Twenty tons of adulterated olive oil consficated in Larissa

Featured Twenty tons of adulterated olive oil consficated in Larissa

The Uniform Food Control Authority (EFET) announced the dismantling of a criminal organization operating in the field of food adulteration and in particular of olive oil.

In particular, a large-scale police operation was organized in the Prefecture of Larissa under the coordination of the Financial Police Division of Northern Greece and the participation of both the Police Authorities of Larissa and the Regional Directorate of Thessaly of EFET.
The result of the operation was the confiscation of about 20 tons of fatty liquid totally different from olive oil, as confirmed by tests carried out by the State General Laboratory.
In particular, EFET confiscated 4,600 liters of fatty liquid in an existing reservoir, 10,380 liters in 5-liter metallic containers bearing the 'PAROS' brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as 4,290 liters in 5-liter metal containers branded as Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the trade name "Karpos".
From the data available so far, it appears that the above criminal organization has traded in various "oils", presenting them as Extra virgin olive oil, with the following trade names: "PAROS", "Karpos", "Liotrivios", "Kriti",  "Olive drops", "Eleonas ", and" CRETA drops".

The German press has taken up the issue of olive oil fraud/adulteration discovered in Greece.

Rheinische Post notes in its online edition that "instead of healthy cold-pressed olive oil, consumers in Greece and Germany bought without knowing cheap sunflower oil. Now the adulterers have been arrested. "

The website of Neue Westfälische writes that "sunflower oil was sold as olive oil and exported to Germany". The newspaper notes that the oil, which had green dye added to it, was sold as allegedly "extra virgin olive oil, directly from the producer".

The website of radio station German Deutschfun noted, in particular that "several tons of adulterated oil, which had not yet been packaged, were confiscated."