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German media reports plans for canal linking Danube with Thessaloniki

Featured German media reports plans for canal linking Danube with Thessaloniki

German newspaper Die Welt refers to Greece and to an impressive construction project, connecting the Danube to the Aegean Sea.

In particular, it refers to the plans for the construction of a river corridor linking the Danube with the Mediterranean.

Die Welt talks about this "impressive work", noting that "Greece, FYROM and Serbia want to build a channel that, according to Alexis Tsipras," could change the geography of the Balkans " ."

As the Berlin newspaper points out, "investors are being sought to cover the high cost" of the waterway with the aim of connecting the Danube via the Morava with the Axios, which flows into the Thermaic Gulf, "west of Thessaloniki, to the Aegean" notes the report.

The grandiose plans for the construction of the specific project was also a subjecty for German news network N-TV with extensive reports on its website. There is talk of "the dream of a channel" and it is pointed out that "an ambitious construction project excites politicians in the Balkans: Greeks, Macedonians and Serbs want to open a shipping channel that is going to connect the Danube to the Mediterranean. The visionary project could change the region forever."

The article comments that it is a project of "historic dimension" , aimed at giving new impetus to the economic and commercial activity of the region. As N-TV observes, citing reports from the Greek media, "Thessaloniki could be benefited in particular."