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Tsipras leaves award ceremony in Bosnia, returns to Athens because of fires

Featured Tsipras leaves award ceremony in Bosnia, returns to Athens because of fires

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has returned to Greece from Bosnia - Herzegovina , due to the developments with the fiery fronts in Attica.

Alexis Tsipras did not stay for the rest of the program for his award in Bosnia and Herzegovina due to the developments in our country.

Immediately after landing, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras went to the fire department's operations center in Halandri, according to government sources.

Until his plane was ready to return to Greece, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras participated in an event held in the old bridge in Mostar, together with FYROM Prime Ministers Zoran Zaev and Dusko Markovic, and with the president of Bosnia and Herzegovina's cabinet, Denis Zizdic, where Mr Tsipras signed the charter of peace. Then the leaders threw flowers in the river, while in a traditional custom, two swimmers dove into the waters.

The Prime Minister, after the end of the ceremony, departed for Athens.

His award will be received by the Greek Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, who will address the audience, in his behalf.

Earlier, the Bosnian Prime Minister expressed his concern about the parallel fire fronts that broke out in Attica on Monday.

Alexis Tsipras said he was informed when he landed in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina "that a very difficult situation is in progress in Attica with three parallel fireplaces".

He noted that he was in constant contact with the responsible ministers and added that all ground and air forces were operating.

"I want to believe that despite the adverse weather conditions we will be able to do everything humanly possible to control the fire fronts," the prime minister added, but added "I am concerned about the parallel outbreaks both east and west of Attica ".