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Ioannina lake polluted by urban waste

The State General Laboratory and the Laboratory for Hygiene and Epidemiology of the University of Ioannina, notified the Ioannina Region of the results of analyses of samples from Lake Pamvotis in order to clarify the reasons that led to the death of a host of fish.

Billion euro tranche to be released

Since the multi bill that caters for lenders' prerequisites was passed by parliament,it is just a matter of time until the one billion euro tranche is disbursed by the lenders.

Videoconferencing with the Troika

Videoconferencing between the economic team of the government and representatives of the European Union Troika was held on Thursday morning, while a similar teleconference is scheduled to take place with representatives of the International Monetary Fund.

Solar powered ferry to be tested

Greece's Blue Star Ferries, and Eco Marine Power (EMP) of Japan will deploy and evaluate renewable energy technology on a passenger and car ferry.

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