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MANIFESTO- 13 Shades of Blanchett’s Characters - By Yanna Darilis

Julian Rosefeldt's powerful poetic monologues come to life through the artist- filmmaker's Manifesto, a 13 short film installation staged at the Park Avenue Armory of New York. The Scenes depict different artistic expressions inspired by the literary work of Karl Marx, Dadaism, Minimalism, Futurism & Surrealism, just to name a few. The scenes question the origination of art and man's role in viewing it.

TV Politics - By George Courmouzis

Some applauded the initiative, many questioned the intent and most doubted the outcome of SYRIZA's effort to put order in the Greek TV environment. The so-called "4th power", that of the mass media, is considered the backbone of "diaploki", in other words, the web of intertwined special interests which form the root of clientelism and the medium of broadcast populism.

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