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Marathon mayor parties on despite the plight of citizens

Featured Marathon mayor parties on despite the plight of citizens

Marathon Mayor Elias Psinakis is living in his own "blessed" world, behaving provocatively, showing that he is not even aware of the tragic fate that struck his town and its citizens.

Nearly two months after the tragedy with the dozens of dead and the massive disasters of the July 23 deadly fire, Mr. Psinakis seems to have forgotten everything, as if the unbearable lightness of being in which he lives is unlimited.

It's not just what he did not do the fateful night when he was absent from his city and he was completely frivolous two days later, even lying about his house that he had allegedly been burned.

It is not only that he showed at that time that all he was interested in was his presence at glamorous parties instead of organizing the protection of the municipality.

It's not just his complete absence all this time when others are trying to support the fire victims. He even abandoned the people who are being offered sustenance, due to need, at the Agios Andreas military facilities!

It is that at every opportunity he shows his complete and unthinkable indifference and that he does not care to rebuild and reconstruct the municipality and the fire stricken areas.

Just last weekend, he was seen rejoicing in great spirits at the wedding of popular singer Antonis Remos, with Yvonne Boshnak. The couple's guests were left speechless watching Mr. Psinakis in great spirits having no trace of sensitivity and self-restraint while his citizens and city officials continue to attempt to repair the damage to the much-loved area.

This was an image of Psinakis, taken out of the days of wine and roses, that  left everyone aghast at the "wedding of the year", behaving with indifference to the memory of the dozens of dead and the families measuring their wounds, hoping for the help of the municipality and the personal attention of the mayor.