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Nikos Maniadakis banned from exiting Greece

Featured Nikos Maniadakis banned from exiting Greece

The order of the ban on leaving the country for Nikos Maniadakis, who appeared in person at the Athens Counterfeiting Council on Friday, was validated by a bill of the Athens Misdemeanor Council.

On Friday morning, Mr Maniadakis appeared in person before the judges, depositing a memorandum and personally formulating his arguments for one hour. "I am here. I speak this out loud. " In these words, the former protected witness and now accused in the Novartis case, Nikos Maniadakis, wanted to show that he was not a suspect for flight.

His advocate Theodore Mantas said he was completely satisfied with the "extraordinary process", expressing his anxiety about the decision. He said: "We have voiced our objections to the legality of the exit ban. We believe they will be accepted and it will be canceled. The professor is here, present, he appeared in person. He continues and lives legally in Athens. The flight suspect is present. "

The defense of the professor has filed a plea of ​​nullity against the prosecution filed by the Corruption Prosecution Office.