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DEPA Signs Deal for Azeri Gas

The Public Gas Corporation DEPA has signed an agreement with Azeri state owned SOKAR and the Shah Deniz Consortium to purchase gas that will be pumped from the Shah Deniz2 field. The agreement was signed in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.

New Haircut Scenario

The Greek debt is not viable, unless there is a new "haircut" is the message from a study published by DZ bank, which believes the IMF assessments are over-optimistic.

The Greek debt will fluctuate around 160% of GDP, as long as the present interest rates are maintained , is the point the bank's economist Daniel Lenz made to German newspaper "Die Welt." Dr. Lenz added that debt will be at 143% in most optimistic scenario, according to which starting in 2014 creditors will forgo interest payments.

Church to Hire Unemployed

The Dioceses of the Church of Greece, Crete, and the Dodecanese will now be given the opportunity to hire unemployed persons with five month contracts within the framework of a European program.

LARCO Protesters Clash with Police

Riot police used teargas to disperse protesting LARCO miners and metal workers that proceeded to take over the a national highway at 13.00 this afternoon, in protest over the possible shutdown of the company.

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