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Teachers Shut Down Elementary Schools

The primary schoolteacher's federation of Greece (DOE) has announced it will be participaating in the strike called by civil servants confederation ADEDY, on 18 and 19 September.On Friday 20 September the federation will meet again to consider further action. Teachers also decided on a three-hour work freeze for 16 September in order to participate in rallies of secondary education teachers. Secondary schoolteachers have decided on rolling five day strikes starting this Monday, while private school teachers will strike on 16 an 17 September.

At the same time, turmoil continues for tertiary education institutions over the issue of non-teaching staff transfers and lay-offs. The University of the Peloponnese has decided to cease functioning starting Monday and for a whole week after a decision by its board protesting proposed government measures.

Soaring Unemployment

Unemployment is surging, having reached 27.9% in June, as against 24.6% in June 2012 according to the Hellenic Statistics Authority (ELSTAT). Unemployment for the young (up to 24 years of age) has broken all records reaching 58.8%, while for the age group 25-34 it stands at 37.4%.
The areas hardest hit by unemployment are Epirus, Macedonia, Thrace, and Attica.
The number of employed person during June 2013 stood at a little over 3.6 million, while the unemployed came to 1.2 million. The economically inactive population was 3.3 million, during this time.
However, the rate at which jobs were lost fell slightly year on year in June registering 129,000, a decrease of 3.4%.
Unemploed persons registered with state employment bureau OAED, a portion of those accounted for by ELSTAT, surpassed the 1 million mark, after the agency recently released latest figures, after much delay.

Illicit Antiquities Arrest Yields Precious Find

A 30-year old man has been arrested in Istiaia, Evia, after police found a host of illicitly acquired antiquities in his possession. Authorities were responding to information concerning unlicensed digging.
The man was found in possession of a marble grave marker (70cm x 55cm) showing two women, one seated on a throne and one standing facing her, dating to the early Hellenistic period, around the 3rd century BC. The stele bearing the inscription "NIKARETE STRATOKLEOUS" is of especial archaeological value.
The 30-year old also had twenty silver coins, 12 of which from the period of the 1st to the 4th century BC, four from the Roman period (1st - 5th centuries AD) and four of indeterminate dating.
The suspect has been remanded into the custody of the Halkida misdemeanor prosecution.

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